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About VA Loan

For military veterans and their Insured by the Veterans department, VA loans offer excellent opportunities to service members, military veterans, and their families to repair, build or buy their own homes with no money down.

VA offers extraordinary purchase Loan benefits such as adjustable and low fixed-rates, 100% financing according to VA lending limit in your zone, no need for private mortgage insurance, no down payment, jumbo loan of up to $1.5 million, no private mortgage, and right to pay the loan earlier without any penalty.

Moreover, the VA guaranty is linked to the VA entitlement, which works in the same way as mortgage insurance, protecting the lender against losses much similar to mortgage insurance charged on FHA and conventional loans.

Are you sure if a VA mortgage is the right option for you? Contact us, and one of our mortgage loan officers will help you choose the right mortgage option for you.

VA Loan Programs

Get the right help at the time when you need it the most to achieve all your life goals and aspirations.


With an FHA loan, current FHA mortgage holders can get refinanced without showing any income proof or ordering an appraisal. If you’re an existing VA mortgage holder, you must refinance back into a VA loan to enjoy a decreased mortgage interest rate.

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Benefits of VA Loan

As all loans are not created equal, personal loans are the best option for people to use.

No mortgage Insurance

VThere is no need to have mortgage insurance in case of a VA loan.

No down payment

VA loans are available at no down payment for qualified borrowers with the home’s sale price less than the appraised value.

Flexibility in funding fee

The funding fee is not for all veterans. For instance, the VA receiving disability compensation and unmarried spouses of the veterans who died in service don’t need to pay the funding fee.

Sponsored by the US Department of Veterans Affairs

Funded by the US Department of Veterans Affairs, the VA home loan program aims at helping the returning service members buy their desired homes without any requirement of excellent credit score and down payment.

Frequently Ask Questions

Need any help regarding the VA loan? Please have a look at the following frequently asked questions by our clients. If you didn’t find your answer, let us know. Our team will reach out as soon as possible with an answer to your every query. Besides, we’re always there to help you know if you qualify for a VA loan or not.

VA allows veterans can have two VA loans at the same time. However, they must meet special requirements and calculations to be eligible.
The co-signer must be qualified borrowers. He can be either a legally married spouse another current or former military member.
No, the intended use for a VA Loan should be to buy a personal home where you can live.
The VA funding fee is a one-time payment charged to military members and veterans. Since the VA loan doesn’t require monthly mortgage insurance and down payment, the funding fee could help in lowering the loan cost to US taxpayers. However, this fee is not for everyone. Spouses of veterans who died during service, Purple Heart recipients, and veterans with disabilities are exempt from the VA funding fee.

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