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About USDA Loan

USDA loan is for people with low-moderate income and dreaming of purchasing a property in suburban and rural areas.

The areas eligible for this program are decided by the United States Department of Agriculture. Sponsored by the government, the USDA loan is beneficial to all types of borrowers with an option of 100% financing.

The eligibility for this program regarding income depends on the household size and location. Income requirement is dependent on location and household size.

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Benefits of USDA Loans

As all loans are not created equal, personal loans are the best option for people to use.

No down payment

No collateral is required for funding medical expenses such as surgery and hospitalization.

Low monthly private mortgage insurance

The lowest private mortgage insurance rate than any other loan program is an advantage of the USDA loan. Besides, the mortgage insurance rate does not change with the change in down payment.

Lower Interest Rate

USDA loan has lower interest rates that do not change with the down payment or credit score.

Frequently Ask Questions

Need any help regarding the USDA loan? Please have a look at the following frequently asked questions by our clients. If you didn’t find your answer, let us know. Our team will reach out as soon as possible with an answer to your every query. Besides, we’re always there to help you know if you qualify for a USDA loan or not.

No, there is a property and income eligibility requirement that needs to be fulfilled to qualify for the USDA loans.
No, a repeat home buyer is also eligible besides a first-time homebuyer for a USDA loan.
USDA Loans allow 15-year and 30-year fixed-rate terms.

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