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Gustavo Cordero Compliance Officer

Gustavo Cordero Sanchez was born and raised in San Jose Costa Rica. Gustavo loves and feels proud to work for USA Loans. He has been a private accountant for more than 27 years. Gustavo has worked in agricultural and commercial companies in different positions, from Accountant to Financial Manager. He considers himself a bearable character who likes to solicit and make new friends and colleagues. He is thankful for being a part of the USA loan.


Natalia Cielinski Marketing Director

Natalia is a passionate, high-achieving marketing and software development professional. Throughout her experience, she has developed extensive expertise in driving remarkable application design and development by delivering innovative management, process improvement, and problem-solving skillsets. Additionally, she has been graced to drive internal and external change by building cross-functional relationships, garnering trust, and aligning strategies with industry best practices.

IT specialist

Gerardo Lampe IT Support Specialist

Gerardo is an I.T. specialist who has spent his life using his personal and career experiences to provide clients with the support and solutions they need. As an immigrant who departed his homeland of Argentina at the age of nineteen, he embarked on a long journey that put him through experiences such as sixteen year's small business ownership. Gerardo has a bachelor's degree in Information Technology with a top GPA. Gerardo believes that relationship-building and understanding people are crucial to a prosperous professional and personal life. At the same time, he recognizes there is no single approach that works for everyone. A balance between the human and the professional side is paramount to be an authentic self for others.