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Gladys Rodriguez Loan Partner

Gladys has extensive experience within the Mortgage industry. Some of her previous assignments were with Embassy Mortgage, VA; Vision Mortgage, MD; Vision Financial Mortgage, VA as loan Officer. She has served with USA Loans Company for the past eight years. She wields a Bachelor's Degree in Education from the National University of Trujillo-Peru with a concentration in Language and Literature. She firmly believes that her background could effectively give the best financial advice and guidance to find the best Loan Program. Gladys is fluent in both English and Spanish.

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Ricardo Roque Loan Specialist

Ricardo Roque is a Loan Specialist for USA Loans. His creativity, effective communication, and passion for his work are the three phrases that describe him professionally. He has closed loans in just ten days, making a complex process like a mortgage application seem like a comfortable and relaxed conversation. As a member of USA Loans, he has embraced the philosophy that the "impossible" is just an opportunity to demonstrate our strength as a team.

Loan Originator

Mario Mendez Loan Partner

Mario is a Loan Partner for USA Loans. He graduated from Innova College in 2017 with a bachelor's degree in Business Administration. Working with the USA Loans family has been a professional growth experience. Mario's expertise allows him to efficiently help his clients arrange and prepare their documents, follow their processes, and support their loan approval. His precise work and professionalism make the Mortgage process simpler and clean for them. Mario loves playing sports, especially soccer, outdoor activities, and travel.

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Alek Ibanez Loan Partner

Alek was born in Baltimore but raised in Texas. Before coming to USA Loans, he made sandwiches at a sub shop. He is currently pursuing a Bachelor's Degree in Business. "I have learned so much in my short time here with USA Loans, and I am eager to learn more and help families get the loan they need." He is a big family person; He enjoys getting together with loved ones and catching up with them. You can also catch him watching the latest sporting event and catching up on the latest news. He is passionate about what he does, and a quote he holds dear to him is, "If you don't have time to do it right, when will you have the time to do it over?" -John Wooden.

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Borden Lopez Loan Partner

Borden graduated from George Mason University in 2021 with a bachelor's degree in Economics and a minor in Global Systems. He is committed to "simplifying the Loan process" for everyone. Borden strives to support his clients to get their first home with clarity and efficiency. He works closely with his team to gather all documents and requirements for every approval stage with mastery. Borden loves spending time with his family, friends, and chubby doggie.

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Arodis Melgar Loan Partner

Arodis grew up in Northern Virginia and moved to Texas in 2018. He worked for her father's asphalt company as an Executive Assistant. He then educated himself in the Mortgage Industry following the guidance of our Loan Officer, Emmanuel Rodriguez. He's now a Loan Partner and hopes that his experience will help him be a better officer in the future. Arodis hobbies are lifting weights and watching NFL football or boxing.