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About Conventional Loan

A conventional loan is a traditional mortgage type and is not insured by federal agencies like The Rural Housing Service, FHA (Federal Housing Administration), or Veterans Administrations.

Conventional loans backed up by GSE (government-sponsored enterprise) programs like Freddie Mac. and Fannie Mae applies to almost all property types. With various options available, it's a perfect loan for well-qualified borrowers with little debt and a solid credit score. A conventional mortgage might be right for you!

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Conventional Loan Programs

Conventional loan programs are sponsored by non-governmental financial lenders and then sold to enterprises funded by the government such as Freddie Mac. and Fannie Mae.

Fannie Mae HomeReady

Affordable housing program for low-to-moderate-income and creditworthy borrowers. This program can finance up to 97% of the property amount.

Freddie Mac HomePossible

The best option with more credit flexibilities for low-income borrowers to own a dream home.

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Benefits of Conventional Loans

As all loans are not created equal, personal loans are the best option for people to use.

Competitive interest rates

Interest rates in Conventional loans rely on credit scores and down payments. But, conventional loans have the potential to have competitive interest rewarding higher credit scores.

Allows you buy any types of homes

With several options available, you can purchase diverse property types such as second homes, rental properties, vacation homes, and many more with Conventional loans.

Diverse Options

Conventional loans come in all different types and terms. Either you're exploring for 7-year term or a 10-year fixed mortgage, a conventional loan is perfect for finding the options of your choice.

Faster Loan Underwriting

With the requirement of less documentation, Conventional loans can be obtained faster than government-insured loans.

Frequently Ask Questions

Need any help regarding conventional loans? Please have a look at the following frequently asked questions by our clients. If you didn't find your answer, let us know. Our team will reach out as soon as possible with an answer to your every query. Besides, we're always there to help you know if you qualify for a conventional loan or not.

PConventional loans require Private Mortgage Insurance (PMI) with > 80% LTV. It means a specific percentage of PMI is needed to be paid if you are financing more than 80% of the property value.
You can have up to 10 conventional loans at a time.

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